My progress in unity is blocked because of this. (0) Unable to. I am trying to complete the building step, but it says that I need to fix some compile errors in the scripts, even though, I did not mess with code in the scripts. .

Vrchat error building player because scripts have compile errors

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If I run into problems in the future, I'll give this another try.

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Building player because scripts have compile errors in the editor.

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Yellow-colored Warnings can be ignored in most cases, and the issue you are looking for will appear under red-colored Errors. .

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Click on it to add it to your model.

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It tells you what the issue is. . csproj with a text editor (project file is locked inside VS) delete all occurrences of. . İ was having same issue and whole day i just researched the solution i tested almost everything. .

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I have a feeling it is the sdk but i dont know.

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bool doneUploading = false; avatar.

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Does anyone know how to fix unity error.

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I have been working on my Custom Avatar for a few days now and I can't get the SDK to work.

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