Especially the following. . . Create a JLPT oriented deck that challenges me on typical JLPT questions.

Tango n1 anki deck

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3000 Từ vựng JLPT N1 Từ vựng được sắp xếp theo chủ đề và có câu ví dụ đi kèm.

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Recognition RTK. Dictionary of japanese (basic, advandced and advanced) , and JLPT tango (N5 to N1).

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Expression : 留学 [りゅうがく]し.

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Has lots of voiced example sentences. Collection of top 100 completed novels, useful for MorphMan 's readability analyzer. subs2srs Anki decks for popular anime and movies. The small workaround is you need to: (Step 1) Import File thru Android's AnkiDroid or using the Anki program for Windows/Mac. . This item is large, and may take some.

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This deck is organised by JLPT level from N5 to N1, and in addition includes a selection of "common.

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This is JLPT N5 Anki Premium.

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JLPT Tango N5 Deck - Migaku Note Types.

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