If the light is on, it means the security system is active. . The security indicator light should normally flicker briefly before going out. This light blinks whenever the ignition switch is in the LOCK, OFF, or ACC position.

Security indicator light nissan

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Wait for the security indicator light to flash once after letting the engine run for around fifteen minutes.

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As you can see in the accompanying diagram (of the owner’s manual or handbook), it is affixed to the floor console’s underside. See less See. 10,374 Satisfied Customers. . The immobilizer security system may theoretically be activated by a theft attempt, although security indicator light dead battery issues are more frequently to blame. .

Jan 20, 2023 · -Flashing Red Security Indicator Light: This means that the vehicle’s security system is activated and the vehicle should not be driven.

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Nissan Technician.

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