Are You Supposed to Pull Over for a Funeral Procession? From a legal standpoint it depends on the laws of your particular state. . (d) A motor vehicle that is a part of a funeral procession shall: (1) Display its lighted: (A) Headlamps; (B) Tail lamps; and (C) Flashing lights as provided in § 27-36-208(c); and (2) Follow the preceding motor vehicle in the funeral procession as closely as is reasonable and prudent to keep the motor vehicles in the funeral procession together. com/r/AmItheAsshole/comments/10euwfr Like and subscribe to get more content of your favorite subreddit My wife and I we. TL;DR- I didn’t pull over for a funeral procession that had no police escort and got harassed by a woman in a car in that procession.

Aita for pulling over for a funeral procession

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OP shouldn’t have been honked at.

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Drive close to the car in front of you and try not to allow any other cars to cut into the procession as you drive towards the cemetery or crematorium.

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. My wife and I went back to my hometown to visit my family this week.

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That's the accepted practice. . . . . . But when waiting for the procession caused them to miss the.

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